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We recommend that you buy premium dog foods that are o= nly sold at pet stores. Some examples are Nutro Max, Science Diet, Blue, and others. These foods offer higher quality ingredients and are made from companies known for research and show a solid record of quality. Feeding low quality foods can result in obesity, irregular bowel movements, excess intestinal gas, and keep your pet from getting the proper nutrition resulting in health problems down the road.


Read the label! If any form of corn is in the first 3 ingredients- avoid it! Dogs need a high protein diet. Corn used as a filler, contains starch and is also fattening. Proteins are required for a healthy coat, skin and nails. Your dog uses amino acids in proteins to make enzymes= and hormones in the blood stream and to maintain a healthy immune system. Prote= ins can come from plant and meat sources, but dogs need high quality animal protein.


Maintain a daily feeding routine. A regular schedule w= ill help your pet keep normal elimination habits and avoid indoor accidents. Younger, smaller pets need to eat more frequently as they burn more calorie= s. Puppies can suffer from life threatening decreases in blood sugar if they a= re not fed frequently enough. A very tiny, young Yorkshire Terrier, Maltese or= Chihuahua, or ot= her tiny breeds of puppies may need a supplement like Nutrocal to keep blood sugar u= p.


Pet’s nutritional values change with age. Ask yo= ur veterinarian to help you.


Feed the right amount. Do not feed pets as much as the= y want or in large amounts at one time.


Make sure the food is fresh and stored in a cool dry p= lace. Do not purchase a 40 lb. bag for a Chihuahua.


Make sure your dog has fresh water at all times. Water= is the most important nutrient in any diet.


Did you know that is normal for dogs to eat grass? Dog= s in the wild eat grass to supplement their diets with vegetation. You don’= ;t have to discourage this unless the grass is treated with herbicides or chemicals.